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Welcome to Isolated Bhutan Travels

Discover hidden Bhutan with us

Isolated Bhutan Travels is a government-licensed local tour operator in operation since 2014. Backed by team of professionals, we make an all-out effort to provide the best of everything. As a local travel agent, we not only help you reach an informed decision through our information package but also help you uncover Bhutan with insights with the help of our trained-professional tour guides.

Cultural Tours

While Bhutan is one of the smallest countries in the world, its cultural diversity and richness are profound. As such, strong emphasis is laid on the promotion and preservation of its unique culture.

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Festival Tours

Tshechu is a religious festival meaning "tenth day" held annually in various temples, monasteries and Dzongs throughout the country. The Tshechu is a religious event celebrated on tenth day of a month of the lunar calendar corresponding to the birthday of Guru Rimpoche (Guru Padmasambhava).

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Whether you are looking for a day hike or a gruelling 31 day adventure, Bhutan has it all. Pristine mountain lakes, imposing glaciers and some of the world’s most endangered species await you in the mountainous amphitheatre of the Himalayas.

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